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Back to Nature by Dirk & Chewie
Hello everyone, Chewie here.  My taciturn cohost ​Dirk writes just like he podcasts.  He doesn't say much, but what he does say speaks volumes.  Here's what he wrote when I asked him to do a blog post for this green card:

Definitely a green card with a very old green ability. Very efficient card that can destroy any deck that uses lots of enchantments. I think it would be a very good sideboard card and I think it could see lots of play if the Umbras deck ever takes off. All in all, a very good card that makes me happy to see competitive mass enchantment removal back in green.

I mean really now, what else is there to say?  Sure you could point out that the last time Green had this ability it was a sorcery and cost 3 mana.  You could say that the last time this ability was an instant, it was in white and still cost 3 mana.  No, not Patrician's Scorn, that has nonsense that goes along with it.  I mean the last time a card just said "Destroy all enchantments" and that's it. 

You could say that Tranquility was always just too damned expensive and not quite useful enough.  Back in the day the only thing you really had to worry about was the odd Unholy Strength or Pacifism.  Nowadays you have Oblivion Ring and Journey to Nowhere that you can gleefully destroy to get back your fatty or awesome utility guy or Planeswalker.  That seems pretty freakin' good to me, but why bother saying all that?  It's basically implied already in Dirk's concise statement.

Now, from a Casual Magic standpoint, you can definitely say a few more things.  Dirk didn't say this explicitly because he didn't want us to notice, but a single copy of Back to Nature will completely screw his green enchantment deck.  For that matter, it will utterly destroy my enchantment-heavy Words deck too.  Everyone who plays casually knows someone with a deck that relies on enchantments to the point of being ridiculous.  This card gives us all a cheap way to cripple that player, at instant speed, and for only 2 freakin' mana.  Sounds like a good time to me.  Just don't play it against my Words deck, okay?

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