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Episode 145 - Deckbuilding with Jungle Rat Rob

Kicking off our series of episodes with guests hosts from all over the place, we are joined by none of than Jungle Rat Rob! You may know Rob as the guy who did No One Expects the Mana Pool and Mana Pool 2: Electric Boogaloo for us. He's also one of the hosts of The Retro League, a podcast about classic video games, which I've been listening to religiously for a few months now. It's awesome, you can find it here:

They showed the Elspeth vs. Tezzeret Duel Deck lists (yes I know they're out now, but they weren't when we recorded this) and we decided to take a look through them. Good stuff, good stuff.

Because of the revelation that Rob had never done any sort of Limited play, we thought we'd take a Sealed pool of M11 and see what we could do with it live on the air. It was a lot of fun and led to some very good discussion about how to build a Sealed deck. Not that we're experts or anything, but I think the debate about the deck was educational.

Then, while we were on the deckbuilding kick, we decided to do a Story Circle with Rob. The deck came out looking like a blast. If you want to see the completed list, hit the forum thread listed below to see it.

Intro Music - Intro Theme to Justice League, the animated series from Cartoon Network
Break Music - Penguin Cap by CarboHydroM - (Not actually on OCRemix...blame Mike)

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