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Episode 161 - Mad Libs, MAGfest, and Mirrodin

I'd like to start off by apologizing for how scatterbrained I sound in this episode. I had just gotten back from the MAGfest trip roughly AN HOUR before we started recording, so I was still not quite with it.  But that aside, we started off with a Mad Lib that Tosus wrote for us that had us giggling like idiots as per usual.  Thank you Tosus!

Then there's short Star Wars retelling featuring our faces that Patrick sent us that had us rolling in the floor laughing.  You can see it here:

After the rest of the emails, I go off on how awesome MAGfest was.  It really was great.  If you're interested, the website is here:

And after all that stuff, we finally get into the heavy Mirrodin Besieged previews.  And there is some crazy stuff here, let me tell you.  Next episode won't be previews, so you better get enjoy these while you can.  To see these cards and many more, click here for the Visual Spoiler:

Intro Music - Diamond by Swift -
Break Music (and End Music) - Smegmaman 3 by Armcannon -

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