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Episode 175 - Heroes of Mike and Magic

We are living in an age of villains.  In case you haven't noticed, the bad guys are winning.  The Eldrazi are free.  Nicol Bolas is still scheming.  And now, the Phyrexians have taken over the plane formerly known as Mirrodin.  During these dark times, who do we turn to for hope?  The planeswalkers?  Bah.  Since this new breed of 'walkers came to light, the heroes haven't had much in the way of victory.  Dark times indeed.

To combat this, today we will remember the heroes of yore.  The ones who fought against, and triumphed over, the evils that now beset us daily.  Powerful planeswalkers, mere humans, and even artificial beings that we used to look to when things were at their darkest.  Perhaps this discussion will inspire a new hero to step forth and save us.  Is there a man among you here?  Is there not one who values courage over life?

Whoa, I sort of went off the deep end there.  And did I quote some Protomen there at the end?  That's the song featured in this episode, how appropriate.  Huh, I need to start sleeping more.  Right then, back to the episode.  We also have a brief discussion about the new Wizards event scheduling, particularly how it relates to a certain other high-level tournament series.  Then we've got the New Phyrexia preview cards that have been spoiled!  Yay!  There aren't many, but see which one had Dirk quite literally flustered.  Also, I used the word "eidetic" during this episode.  Go me.

Announcement about 2012's Tournament Structure:

New Phyrexia Visual Spoiler:

Free stuff mentioned at the end of the episode courtesy of Top Deck Games in Kernersville, NC.  Randy's the owner, and he can be reached at 336-996-8088.  Give him a call and see if he'll cut you a deal!  Be sure to tell him we sent you!

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