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Episode 181 - Cycles of Compleation

This time around, we've got even more listener mail!  Reading the mail leads to some interesting conversations.  We discussed cheating a little bit, complete with judge-type commentary by Bryan from the Avant-Card Show, who happens to be a Level 2 Judge.  There's a little bit of speculation about Innistrad (completely baseless, the best kind!).  And just in case we're right, you heard it here first!  Innistrad's going to deal with things dying and possibly life totals.  HA!

We've also got another listener-supplied Mad Lib!  This one is from Tosus, our old buddy out in Germany, and it's a good one.

Then we finally get to talk about the cycles in New Phyrexia, after a brief discussion of what cycles are in the first place.  Then we realized...there really aren't that many cycles in the set.  The Praetors, the Chancellors, the Exarchs, the Shrines, and the Souleaters.  I think that might be it.  But we went into detail for each cycle, so it works out well.  Let us know if you have any thoughts on the cycles of New Phyrexia.

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