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Episode 200 - Blame It On the Listeners

This is it!  We've hit #200!  Because we couldn't do it without all of you out there, we decided to jump through a lot of hoops in an effort to get some listener participation.  If you'll recall, several weeks ago we put a bunch of questions on the website.  One was a poll about which decks of ours you guys liked, and the rest were asking for suggestions for cards of a particular type.  Well we took that information and came up with a bizarre Planechasey kind of thing.  We made a stack of all the cards you guys suggested and shuffled it up.  After 3 turns of buildup we drew from the listener-supplied stack along with our normal draw.  Whatever card we drew we HAD to play by our next turn.  No discarding it, no skipping out on it, nothing like that.  If you submitted it, we HAD to play it if at all possible.  Not only that, but when we played it we read off who submitted it and what their comment was about it.  So if you're lucky, you might just hear yourself on the show! 

Forgive us if we seem rushed, we recorded this the day of the Innistrad Prerelease and had to get the games finished with enough time for us to actually make it to the tournament.  And be sure you listen to the quick intro about Extra Life!  I'm uploading this after midnight the day before, so I really need to get some freakin' sleep.  If you're hearing this on Saturday, October 15, then you can check out the uStream the Extra Life game-playing here:

Donate to Dustin’s Extra Life page! Help out some sick kids! –

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