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Episode 219 - Commander Month: The (First?) One with Bennie Smith

Yeah, you read it right - we got Bennie Smith! He writes for Star City Games now, he used to write for DailyMTG, and he's here with us to close out Commander Month!  I'm pretty sure this is what's known as "doing it right".  We spent a while picking his brain and asking all about his Magic history - all you've ever wanted to know about Bennie Smith? Aw yeah.

We got Bennie to help us answer some excellent listener questions, like how to deal with mass removal when you're playing a heavily creature-centric deck.  Tosus asked if he should use EDH to teach new players the game or if that risked scaring them away forever.  And there was the obligatory most over- and under-rated generals question, which we kinda sorta answered mostly. 

Then we moved from there into a Story Circle, with everyone's favorite not-vigilance-giving (Johangilence?) general, Johan!  You can find the complete list for that right below this paragraph so you can follow along at home.  Holy crap I loved the deck we came up with.  As soon as this is done uploading, I'm gonna trade Mike for his.  No really, he's sitting right here behind me!

Oh, and if you're in or around London or you just enjoy tabletop, role-playing, or war games (or Magic of course) you should go visit Roll of the Dice Online Games (yes, it spells ROTDOG) -

Follow Bennie on Twitter: @blairwitchgreen

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