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Episode 118 - Duel Decks vs. The Winston Draft

Is that some Duel Decks? We've got the decklists for the new Phyrexia vs. the Coalition Duel Decks, which we went over with great excitement. You don't get to hear that though. You get to hear the second take, due to some technical difficulties. Don't worry though, we made it sound just as good as the first.


Because of those tech problems we recorded the second half of the show the next night, which might explain why Dirk disappeared and we all sound different. But the topic for the second day of this recording marathon is devoted to the mightiest of the two-person draft formats, the Winston Draft. Created by Richard Garfield himself, it's a great way to get some Limited play in without gathering lots of people or driving to the card shop. We go over all the ins and outs and give some strategic insights, all included right here in this handy podcast.



Original article that introduced the Winston:

Chewie's first Winston walkthrough with Time Spiral:

Chewie's second Winston walkthrough with Lorwyn



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