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Episode 29 - To the Third Power (Cubed)

In our triumphant return from a vacation hiatus, we promptly decided to skip the show we were going to do and do this one instead.  Please forgive the quality of this episode, both content and sound quality, as it was kind of slapdash.  On Memorial Day, your host dorks got together along with Chris (PhoenixRising422 on the forums) and Michael (Science_Fixes_Everything on the forums) to do a bit of dorking.  Not just any dorking, it turns out, we did a Cube Draft!  After we were done with all that, we rolled over to my apartment to record the show.  So there were six of us sitting in my bedroom (only four real chairs, a video game chair on the floor, and the bed) trying desperately to be heard by the mic.  Plus, I was getting sick when we recorded (am fully sick as I post this episode now) so I might sound a little...terrible.  But enough excuses, what about this Cube thing?

Brian, being as he has more free time than he has sense now that his finals are over, decided to create a Cube so we could do a draft.  A Cube is a whole mess of cards put together for the purpose of being drafted.  He put a lot of effort into balancing the colors, the curve of each color, and putting in plenty of threats as well as answers, and it really turned out to be a whole mess of fun.  So join us as all six of us discuss our decks as well as the games we played.  You can find the entire list of the contents of the Cube on our website.  Here's the link:


Or if you'd rather download the Word file that lists the Cube contents in a handy-dandy table, then there's a link to that too!


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