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Episode 168 - Tribal Time with Tom

What an episode we've got for you this time!  We've got a new contest, a super-secret special guest host, and...well that's about it.  But isn't that enough?

Okay, contest.  If you want the full skinny, you're gonna have to hit the website for the official rules and all that.  You can find it here:

Then there's a quick look at the new Deckbuilder's Toolkit, and some email, and really this was just a stalling tactic until our host arrived.  When he does arrive, holy crap it's Tom from Monday Night Magic!  I'm not entirely sure how I managed it, but I talked him into recording with us for a while!  He joins us to give us some insight into a Quest for Ula's Temple deck first, then we do some Tribal Story Circle shenanigans.  Of course with Tom on the job, all semblance of order went right out the window, so this isn't so much a deck as it is a lot of nifty possibilities.  We start off with Sunrise Sovereign, the giant that makes all other giants infinitely more terrifying.  Then there's the oldie-but-not-too-goodie Thrull Champion that made for an interesting deck idea.

After all that excitement, Tom turns and walks away, quite literally fading into the aether.  But we'll never forget Tom, for our man-crushes are far too strong for that.  Now, did I forget anything?

Intro Music - Diamond by Swift -
Break Music - Borrow Mega Nuke (Boomer Kuwanger from Mega Man X) by Armcannon -

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