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Episode 180 - Headline: M12 Goes Bloodthirsty, Dies

Even though we ran through over 30 emails in the last episode, we still have more! So we took another chunk out of the remaining emails. I really enjoy doing lots of listener mail, because it lets us talk about all kinds of things we wouldn't ordinarily talk about. For instance, an email gave me a perfect segue into discussing a new repacked product thing I got at Target!

But of course, we had to talk about lots of other things this episode! Which we were able to do, because Brian couldn't be with us. Apparently he couldn't stop coughing for more than a few seconds at a time, so he opted out. Of all people though, Dirk really picked up the slack Brian left us. He's on fire! (be sure to read that in the NBA Jam announcer voice)

As far as what other stuff, it was all M12 all the time baby! Well not really, but we did talk about all the M12 stuff that has come to light since our last recording. It's all down there in those links

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