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Episode 211 - Tribal Talk with CMDR Decks

Creatures!  Everyone loves creatures, right?  And what's the most fun way to play with creatures?  In tribes!  Everyone loves some tribal Magic, right?  There's even a format called Tribal, that's gotta mean something!  No we're not even going to talk about the format on this episode, we're being much more general.  This is just all about some of the various tribes in Magic.  We talk about our favorite tribes, most hated, what makes a good one, all kindsa stuff!

But we're missing Mike!  To help us out with this, we brought in Uriah Oxford, the man behind CMDR Decks on Youtube (and MTGcast).  Of course, we'll talk about tribal in EDH and get distracted by various EDH issues and discussions while we're at it.  I know, it's amazing that we Mana Pool boys can get distracted by anything, but believe me it happens.  And it's good stuff!

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