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Episode 212 - Dark Ascension Preview 1

We've got the first of the Dark Ascension previews for you on this episode!  Of course, Sorin popped up after we recorded, so we'll talk about him next episode.  We do have the Zombie Apocalypse though, which is pretty freakin' sweet.  Because of when this was recorded, we're really only talking about the first few days' worth, so we were able to go a little more in-depth than usual.

But no matter how in-depth we get, two days of cards do not a full episode make!  But we didn't have time to go full-on into another topic, so a listener suggestion came to the rescue!  The question was "what's your favorite combo that you run in one of your decks?"  So we all dug through our decks and came up with the combos we love.  Except for Chewie, who brought every combo in his decks.  Don't worry, he shoots more for synergy in his decks, so he only has a few.  It gives a little glance to the way the dorks build decks.

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