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Episode 215 - DKA Prerelease and Mailbag

Well, it's the week after the prerelease, so you know what that means, right?  We've got to tell you all about how we did!  Find out who did well, who didn't do well, and how the webmaster Scott did in his first tournament ever!

But of course, prerelease episodes are more than just Sealed tourney reports.  We also took the second half of the show to run through some of the listener mail that needs to be read on-air.  Rules questions, prerelease stories, and general hilarity.  Interspersed throughout the episode are rants and discussions of various things.  These things include lame intro packs, a good game of EDH at Lucky's, Chewie not playing Thalia, Columbia House and BMG, and this one highly obnoxious guy who seems to run through the whole account of the prerelease.  We hope you enjoy!

Also, there were a few URLs from emails that we agreed to share with everyone:
Ace's Altered Art -
Bury St. Edmunds Wargaming Club -

Intro and Outro Music – Diamond by Swift –
Break Music - Easy by Laura by Spruke -

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