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Episode 217 - Commander Month: You Don't Know Jack!

It finally happened!  Yes, we finally remembered to grab none other than Jack Antonio Sabato De La Hoya Other Name Lacroix to guest host!  And let me just tell you, this guy is a wealth of information.  We talked briefly about the the latest SCG Open results, and Jack gave us some of his insight there.  With his help, we also covered a wide variety of Commander topics, such as the importance of versatility, misconceptions about the format, proper threat density, the number of lands and mana rocks you should play, politics, and who knows what else.  Well if you listen, you'll know what else!

But that's not all!  We did a Story Circle!  If you want to check out the full result list from that, there's a link right below this paragraph.  And of course we can't have an episode of The Mana Pool without a requisite amount of random nonsense, right?  Of course not.  It's there.  Trust me on this.  Would I lie to you?  About the important stuff, that is.  The answer I'm looking for here is no, by the way.  Jeez.

Follow Jack on Twitter: @JackLacroix

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