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Join Brian, Mike, Dirk and Chewie as they discuss all things Magic: The Gathering. Since there are plenty of tournament and strategy podcasts out there, we've decided to focus on the fun of the game in all its many forms, from Prereleases to multiplayer free-for-alls to whatever else we can come up with. Give us a listen!
Episode 220 - Confronting the Horde (Live)

It's the long-lost live episode of The Mana Pool!  Well, not "lost" exactly.  More like "we haven't had a hole in recording to fill with this episode" but you know what I mean.  But yeah, this was recorded back in January when we all got together to play at Dirk's house.  We were joined by Ian Shepherd, a kid Dirk knows.  Turns out this kid is the son of the proprietor of Hypermind, a gaming shop not far from Dirk in Burlington, NC.  If you wanna check them out, you should click the link down there!

As for what we did this episode...I'm not going tell you.  Be surprised!

Okay fine, you waited me out.  In case you couldn't tell from the title, we played a couple games of Horde Magic, which we've discussed before, against Brian's monogreen Horde deck.  It was pretty cool, though I think the Horde deck still needs a bit of tweaking.  After we got done with the Horde Magic, we switched over to our normal 60-card casual decks.  To be honest, it's been a long time and I don't remember anything about these games, so I guess we'll be finding out together.  I do know the last game took a fair amount of time, but I don't think it was long in a bad way.  I could be wrong.  Feel free to let us know in the comments or the forums or an email or any of the other ways to get in touch with us if I was wrong.

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