The Mana Pool
Join Brian, Mike, Dirk and Chewie as they discuss all things Magic: The Gathering. Since there are plenty of tournament and strategy podcasts out there, we've decided to focus on the fun of the game in all its many forms, from Prereleases to multiplayer free-for-alls to whatever else we can come up with. Give us a listen!

And the letter 6! We start off this episode with lots of little things. Explanations for late episodes, listener emails, new products (Archenemy) and old products available to new people (Duels of the Planeswalkers on PC). Easy enough, right? Of course, we're a little silly after such a long time away from our microphones.

Archenemy feature article:

Then there's another Rise of the Eldrazi Sealed pool. But instead of building it live on the air, we each built our own deck before we recorded. And we're going to do a compare and contrast sort of thing. Do we go with the levelers? What about burn? Should we ramp up into all these Eldrazi? We might even do all of those things! As always, if you want to see the entire pool, check the forum post for this episode. The link is right down there at the end of these show notes. What sort of deck would you build with this pool?

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