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Episode 216 - Commander Month: A Day at the Beach

Welcome to the first show of Commander Month here on The Mana Pool!  We're kicking it off with one of our long time listeners and constant source of good ideas, Daniel Beach.  If you enjoyed Episode 214, he was the inspiration behind having the ACS guys on again.  If you didn't enjoy it...blame Beach for that.

But because it's Commander Month, we've asked Beach to do an Out of the Deck Box for one of his decks, and he chose the one he's named Progenitalia and Friends.  Back in Episode 192 I pulled my Progenitalia deck Out of the Deck Box, and it was fascinating to see just how incredibly different Beach's deck was from mine.  That's probably because he's a better player than me, just so we're clear.  If you want to check out either of these decks, you'll find a link on the next line down.

Beach's Progenitalia:
Chewie's Progenitalia:

We didn't stop with that though!  We hit up the Random Card button on Gatherer until we bumped into a legendary creature and did a Story Circle! If you want to see the full list for that, it's right here:

And other than that, we did an old Mad Lib again, talked about the Rules Update, discussed the Event Decks, discussed briefly the results of the first DKA-ready SCG Open (which had the best name for a Legacy deck EVER) and mentioned the Super Bowl Halftime show and how much we love Betty White.  We hope you enjoy!

Daniel Beach on Twitter: @Beach7125

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Break Music - For You (Mana Pool Mix) - music by Spruke, mixed by Daniel Beach

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